BMW Turbocharged Models

There have been many N/A (Normally Aspirated) and Turbo BMW Models available over the last 40 years defending the long performance driving heritage

 Early BMW Turbocharging Strategy

The M30 was the basis for the turbocharged M102 and M106 engines. 

The Alpina B10 Biturbo used a modified version of the M30, with two turbochargers and forged pistons. Producing 265 kW (355 bhp) at 6000 rpm and 520 Nâ‹…m (384 lbâ‹…ft) at 4000 rpm, the engine made this car the fastest sedan in the world. The final 50 M30 blocks were shipped to Alpina for use in the final 50 B10 Biturbos.


The M102 was produced from 1980 to 1982. It was BMW's first turbocharged six-cylinder engine.

The M102 (also known as M30B32LAE) has a displacement of 3,210 cc (195.9 cu in). The KKK K27 turbocharger produces 9 psi (0.62 bar) of boost and an air-to-air intercooler is used. The compression ratio is 7.0:1. 

The M102 produces 188 kW (252 bhp) and was used in the E23 7 Series, in the model was designated "745i". The M102 was not available in right-hand drive cars, leading to the South African 745i using the BMW M88 naturally aspirated DOHC straight-six engine instead. 

Applications:   1980–1982 E23 745i 


The M106 (also called M30B34MAE) replaced the M102 and was produced from 1982 to 1986.

Some of the M106's upgrades over its predecessor are a result of the M30B34 version of the M30, which was also released in 1982. These upgrades include Bosch Motronic engine management and an increased displacement to 3,430 cc (209.3 cu in). The compression ratio was increased from 7.0:1 to 8.0:1.

Peak power output is the same 185 kW (248 bhp) as the M102, however it occurs at lower RPM and peak boost is reduced from 9 to 6 psi (0.62 to 0.41 bar). 

There was no direct successor to the M106, however BMW's next turbocharged petrol engine was the BMW N54, introduced in 2006. 

Applications:  1982-1986 E23 745i

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BMW MPower

There have been many N/A (Normally Aspirated) and Turbo BMW Models available over the last 40 years defending the long performance driving heritage. Below is a excerpt from our BMW sub-domain website which will appear in a few seconds until we build more information for this page on the many BMW turbo models recently released.

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BMW 745i Turbo
BMW 745i Turbo

Although announced at the 1979 Frankfurt Show, the 745 Turbo was not launched until the middle of 1980. BMW had taken a little time to get their high performance flagship into shape, but its emergence certainly gave a boost (in more ways than one) to the power/prestige race between Munich and Stuttgart.
The basis of the 745i was a turbocharged version of the 3210 cc in-line six-cylinder ohc taken from the 732 and 633 CS models. For use with turbocharger the engine's compression ratio was lowered from 9.3 to 7:1, but although the cylinder head was modified to accept different valves, a great many of the normal unsupercharged engine's components were retained.